Erosion Control

Green Turf Sod incorporates a range of strategies, materials and products to control erosion and to comply with the latest environmentally conscious building codes and requirements. As experts in erosion control, we install large sod rolls and silt fences and offer watering and mowing services for properties of any size, even up to hundreds of thousands of square yards. Our clients appreciate our expertise in preventing water and sediment runoff, as well as our understanding of their construction schedules and all applicable municipal codes that must be adhered to.

An industry leader skilled in construction jobs of all sizes, we’ve built our reputation on providing consistent, quality service for our clients. All of our erosion control materials are approved and meet Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) specifications, and we are members of the International Erosion Control Association.

Our erosion control services and products include:

  • Silt Fences
  • Silt Dikes
  • Sediment Filters
  • Bale Barriers
  • Straw Wattles
  • Straw Blankets / Mats
  • Straw / Vegetative Mulching
  • Hydro Seeding / Native and Turf Type
  • Drill Seeding
  • Soil Tackifiers

If you’re looking for an erosion control company to provide you with cost-effective solutions and outstanding customer service, we would be honored to discuss your project with you.


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