Sod Farm

Go from bare ground today to beautiful new sod tomorrow! Green Turf Sod Farm grows the highest quality sod for our Oklahoma climate. From our quality seed, you will notice superior color, close-cut tolerance, and excellent turf quality that is disease tolerant and resistant.

Our sophisticated irrigation system allows us to produce sod that is cut fresh when ordered. This means we can provide year-round availability on our sod, and it will adapt to its new home easily and quickly.

You can purchase our sod by the pallet or roll, and either pick it up yourself, let us deliver it to you, or we can deliver and install it if you prefer. We offer several types of Bermuda grass, including: U-3, Tiff 419, Astro, and Common Bermuda. Place your order today, and your commercial property, personal residence, golf course, or sports field will be beautiful in no time!