Sod Installation

Installing sod correctly is an art. When done correctly, you achieve a great looking, healthy lawn. Done incorrectly and you'll be left with a dying lawn and an expensive tab. Our company has taken the time to refine and improve the process by which we install your sod to give you the highest success rate possible.

Here at Green Turf Sod, we offer residential and commercial sod installation services and products to make your lawn healthy and attractive. We provide premium sod and make the installation process simple; all you have to do is water it!

Our sod installation services are available year round, and we also sell sod by the pallet if desired. Each pallet comes with 500 square feet of sod and weighs approximately 1,500 lbs. Sod pallets are available for pickup or delivery with advance notice. Our sod is freshly dug with each order to ensure premium quality.